Dilendra (Mukun Bhusal) positions in his political career in order to play the game with excellent ideals and ethics. His party, however, does not see him as a viable contender for the next election, despite the fact that his beliefs are highly valued by locals.
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Samjhana,a middle class village girl wishes to marry a rich guy which later leads her to be sold at a brothel. The sweetness of her lover back from her village and the harshness of the brothel owner, after she's drowned into prostitution, are the major emotional ingredients of the movie.
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Nepali movie ‘Insaf’ is produced by ‘Palash’ producer Krisha Chaulagai and written by Bikash Acharya – the ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series famed director. The movie mentions that Ram Raja Dahal had provided a apecial support to the movie.
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Nepali movie ‘Sushree’ is a presentation of model Ashika Tamang under Ashika Films banner. The movie was announced in the start of 2015 and was released in the Dashain festival. The actress Ashika Tamang debuted in the big screen in the movie. The movie is made on a comedy story.
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Krishna won the Best Director Award for Critics from the short film Aina and Bhupendra Adhikari won the Best Editor Award from Aina.
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Troublemaker Ankit (Aryan Sigdel) tries to win the heart of his dream girl, Ichhya (Dipti Giri). But, problems arise as Ankit is put on a test where he must choose between his best friend, family and love.
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A movie by a beautiful producer, Krisha Chaulagain, ‘Kasam Hajurko’ is a presentation of KP Films.
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