One of the finest creative Nepali film director and producer based in Nepal
Krisha Chaulagain, the visionary founder of KP Films, stands out as a dynamic force within the Nepali film industry. A multifaceted talent, she has excelled as a producer, director, and presenter since the inception of her cinematic journey in 2062 BS.

Motivated by the global influence and prestige of Hollywood and Bollywood, Krisha's journey was fueled by a passion to bring international standards to Nepali cinema. To enhance her professional acumen, she actively engaged with the Celerity Friend Circle, a platform that facilitated the exchange of knowledge and insights within the international film community.

In 2007, Krisha took a bold step into film production, making her mark with the debut of 'Insaaf.' This cinematic venture not only showcased her creative prowess but also signaled the beginning of a promising career that would leave a lasting impact on the Nepali film landscape.

Krisha Chaulagain's story is one of ambition, resilience, and a commitment to elevating the quality of Nepali cinema. Her contributions as a producer, director, and presenter continue to shape and inspire the trajectory of the film fraternity, positioning her as a trailblazer in the industry.

01 PIM Nepal Film Festival 2022 Best (Documentary / Short Film / Feature Film) Category : Best Short Film
02 Nepal Rural Film Festival Award 2080 For the invaluable contribution to the short Nepali Movie "Mirror"
03 10th NAFF Award 2022 Awarded as Best Director (Critic) for the movie Aina at 10th Nepal Africa Film Festival
Years of experience
Over 18 years of professional expertise in the Nepali film industry.
Achieved successful collaborations in the Nepali entertainment industry.
Completed projects
Successfully accomplished six projects.
Winning awards
Recognized and nominated at numerous national and international film festival accolades.
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